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Чемпионат России
Уфа, ст. Нефтяник
20 октября 16:30
Молодёжное первенство
Уфа, ст. Нефтяник
19 октября 12:00
Уфа М
Уфа М
Рубин М
Рубин М
FC Rubin Win the 9th Edition of Lenar Gilmullin Tournament!
Congratulations from RFPL on the Club's Anniversary
Christian Noboa: It was a Perfect Volley to Score
Rubin vs Rostov 1:1
Kurban Berdyev: We are Going to Give More Playing Minutes...
Valery Karpin: "We're Satisfied with Today's Draw"
Rubin Reserves vs Rostov Reserves – 3:2
Mr. Rustem Saymanov Appointed as FC Rubin General Director
FC Rubin vs FC Rostov. Matchday
Rubin vs Rostov to be Officiated by Vladislav Bezborodov
Rubin and Krasnodar Qualified for the Final
Rubin and Rostov Reserves Kick Off on April 21 at 12:00
Happy Anniversary, our Beloved Club! Rubin Turns 60!
Egor Sorokin: Not Having Qualified for the European...
Kurban Berdyev:"Our Target is to Steady our Play"
Nikita Goldobin and Igor Konovalov Make a Visit to a...
FC Rubin Anniversary Day Schedule
Autograph Sessions by FC Rubin
Open-to-Media Training Session
Rifat Zhemaletdinov Visits our Friends from Residential...
Rubin vs Rostov: Information for Press and Media
Ronald McDonalds House Visited by Ivelin Popov
Lenar Gilmullin Tournament: FC Rubin U14 Qualified for...
Sardar Azmoun Announced MOM

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