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OTM Training Session: Kurban Berdyev Speaks to the Media


Russian Premier League gameweek 18: FC Rubin head coach Mr. Kurban Berdyev spoke to the media on Thursday, February 28, during the open-to-media training session to share his expectations from the upcoming Akhmat fixture


- Mr. Berdyev, how would you assess the squad and its situation ahead of the beginning of the second part of the season?

- There have been some injuries, but we hope to have the players fit for the Akhmat fixture

- How would you assess the new players and their adaptation so far?

- We signed the players based on our current budget. Although their adaptation needs time, they are players who are willing to play. I think, in a little while they will become strong and confident players

- Regarding the fact that many important players have left the team, was it possible to convince Cesar Navas to stay

- No, it was because of his family situation. His decision could not be postponed any longer 

- How would you assess the Davitashvili's situation as he left after having completed the entire preseason with FC Rubin

-  It's about his family situation. Regarding the negotiations, we try to meet the player halfway. He must be having some other offers, but maybe the situation will change

- Does it mean that maybe he will change his mind?

- Yes, it's quite possible

- How would you assess the fitness condition of the team as you're playing the next match as soon as on Wednesday

-There are no fitness problems so far. What we should work upon now is the link-up in particular for those players who have just joined the team, but I think we will succeed in it in due course

- Are you going to count on them?

- Certainly, otherwise we would not have called them up

- Who is going to be the number one goalkeeper?

-It is Vitaly Kafanov, the goalkeeper coach, who decides. I don't interfere. He knows which goalkeeper looks better or fitter

- Was the excellent debut Azmoun had made for Zenit a surprise to you?

-  Not at all, he could have scored another goal as well. It's great that he has helped the team in his first game

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