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FC Rubin 1-1 FC Dinamo: Egor Sorokin Speaks


FC Rubin centreback shares his postmatch impressions after today's 1-1 draw with FC Dinamo

- This is the ninth time in the season FC Rubin have drawn? What do the team need to win more games? 

- It's hard to say, we did our best, played well but it ended in 1-1 again. It was a difficult match, we were desperate to win. We have dropped two very important points. In general, I think, we should have won the match

- How do the players react to such poor attendance as today? Do you take offence or comprehend?

⁃ It was cold and our current results are not impressive enough to make our supporters fill the stadium

⁃ Was the conceded goal due to the goalkeeper's fault?

⁃ It was the team's fault. A goalkeeper is part of the team so it was the team's fault.

⁃ Was it a rehearsed set-piece with the 6-yard box filled by all the attacking players?

⁃  It was not the first time we had implemented this set-piece or the first time we had scored. 

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