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Cesar Navas on Today's Game


Russian Premier League. Gameweek 14

FC Rubin 0-0 FC Lokomotiv


   FC Rubin captain Cesar Navas shares his postmatch impressions

-  It was a tough game wasn't it? It was very cold and challenging to play in such cold weather, wasn't it?

- Lokomotiv are having good attackers it's hard to defend against. But we worked hard and didn't allow them to shoot on our target

- FC Rubin's performance in second half was better than the first. Why?

- Lokomotiv came to Kazan after a tough Champions League fixture. Probably, they were tired. Anyway, our pressing and counter attacks were good. We had some good chances, but it ended in a draw. 

-  What do you think of the Miranchuk twins?

- They are excellent players with a bright future. One plays against them and can see that they are high level players. 

- Azmoun had some excellent chances to score, didn't he?

- Yes, he did. Azmoun is one of our best players, he has a lot of potential and delivered a perfect performance today. It's a pity that we didn't score

-What will be the team's goals to close out the calendar year?

- We take each game as it comes, will look for three points in every game. One should work hard to win and we always try to work as hard as possible

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