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Kurban Berdyev on Today's Away Draw against Dinamo


FC Rubin head coach Kurban Berdyev shares his impressions from today's away draw against Dinamo following ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship MD 28.

- First of all, except for several moments, I'm not happy with our playing connections in attack. We were doing it too slowly. The pitch was too dry which did not help move the ball fast, but it was the same for both teams. In general, Dinamo played quite in an organized way in defense and as a result of that we did not have clear chances. 

- It looked like, in the second half especially in at the second half of the second time, Rubin had more chances. What was this improvement due to?

- The thing is that Dinamo changed to four men formation and we had more space in the second half. It seemed that they were not the draw and Khokhlov decided to increase the number of attacking players on the pitch. So when they switched to a four men formation we had more chances in attack which we could have converted

- It's 0:0 today. Are happy with the result or not?

- It is a fair result, in general, but today's draw for us is not very good.

- Both in the first and second half, your team did not shoot too much seeking to pass every time. Was it the coach's message?

.- Such mistakes are natural because these are the things we train and want to improve. As I was saying, Dinamo were quite good in defense, but there was a couple of moments with a good position for a shot. Also we had some mid-range shots. We talked about that in the half-time for there had been only one shot from Noboa in the first half, though there had always been enough space for a shot in the first half.

- Did the fact that Dinamo started the game with a three men formation become a suprise to you?

- No, it was not. We expected that it may happen, but had been training to play against a four men formation. We know how to play against a three men formation. It was not a surprise and our players know how to play against such a formation and which structural position it should be. 

- Fedor Kudryashov played as a right fullback today, though in the National team and before in Rubin he had been playing as a left centreback. Was it a forced measure? Would he have played as a left centreback today if you had a good left fullback. Or is it his natural position? 

- He is both good at either of these positions. He is also able to play a right fullback and he's confident there. 

- You were saying that the team are being trained now for the next season. At the same time, Navas and Kuzmin are an older players. Do you count on them for the next season for Navas has always been a key players for your teams?

- First of all, you know our values and we do not pay attention to a player's age. Otherwise neither Gokdeniz nor Navas and Kuzmin would have been playing now but they are having quite a professional attitude and so we do not pay attention to how old a player is. 

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