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Dinamo Reserves vs Rubin Reserves - 4:2. Roman Sharonov Speaks


FC Rubin youth team boss Roman Sharonov shares his impressions after an away game with Dinamo (2:4) and tells about the team's philosophy.

- Regarding the first half, it was one of our worst performances. There were huge gaps between our playing lines, we were bad both in defense and attack with no playing connections implemented. Dinamo dominated and as a result we were too slow both on and off ball. 

Regarding the second half, we took the initiative being compact and playing well with some good pressing. We conceded goals during transitions with some inaccurate passing. It should be clear that when we attack we are wide but we should be ready to react after we lose the ball. There is such a thing in football as being continuous but we were not consistent enough. Dinamo players were stronger one against one and this was how they scored. Despite all that we proved in the second half that we can play football but I want to ask my players: why didn't we played like we did in the second half from the very beginning? 

- Normally Dinamo reserves are playing their second halves worse than the first ones. Had you kept that in mind before the game?

- No, one of our priorities is a playing rhythm. A playing rhythm is not just running fast, it means work fast with the ball being well-positioned. As for today, we did it slowly being too wide in attack, being late and as a result of that conceded counter attacks. As for the situations when Dinamo were onball, our see-saw movements were too slow and the home side exploited gaps between our playing lines to send through ball there. At the same time, when we wanted to press, our defenders were too slow in going up. 

As I was saying, we were not compact enough but as soon as we improved Dinamo started having problems. We dominated and it's a pity that we did not convert our early chance in the second half but conceded instead. Regarding the goal conceded, it was Dmitry Gubanov who made a tactical mistake. There was a sequence of our individual mistakes which resulted in our today's defeat. In general, we played well. It's football and were moving forward. Our target is to train players. We do not want play too defensively, too much behind. This is our philosophy. We want our players to be protagonists on the pitch. There is lots of work to be done, but our players should believe that we keep on working and the goal we scored is an information, a feedback that we are on the right track. 

- The League is almost over. There have been eight matches played by this new squad. Can you see a progress of some players?

-Regarding those players, who are playing, yes, there is progress certainly. There are 18-year-old boys who are still injured and they did not play too many matches. 17-year-old boys went to play U17 Russian Championship where they became runner-ups. In general, there is progress. They are getting adapted little by little. I am sure that these players will become professional players but they should be patient. There is progress but it's not an immediate thing.

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