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Kurban Berdyev Speaks ahead of Dinamo


FC Rubin head coach speaks ahead of Dinamo within an open-to-media session which is also attended by our young fans

- What could you say about Dinamo after they improved their rankings this spring?

- Regarding Dinamo and those changes which are now taking place in the Premier League, I'm happy about the new generation of Russian coaches such as Khokhlov, Evseev, Semak, Ledyakhov. Young Russian coaches deserve to take charge since long ago and mainly compare favourably with foreign coaches. It's good news and thanks God that there are such guys now. Regarding Dinamo, we have seen their games during the preseason, we stayed at the same hotel and trained at the same training grounds with them. Even during the training camp it could be seen that Dinamo are changing and they are having decent results and deliver decent performance.  

.- Can Khokhlov's coaching style be detected now?

He was a creative player himself and now he wants his players to think on the pitch and this is the most important thing in coaching, This is his strength.

- How do the guys feel? Are there any injured players? How do the players in view of the absense of the competition motivation for the rest of the season? 

- I would not say that there is no motivation. Regarding injuries, there is Gokdeniz Karadeniz who is training individually now after he got a contussion against Rostov. We will see today how Oleg Kuzmin will feel, he will start to train with the team. The rest of the players are all fit.

- Obviously, a victory itself in the upcoming game is not a motivation. What is your message to the players to motivate the guys to close out the season?

- The boys have a good perception of the situation. First of all, it is about competetiveness, second of all, it's about our playing manner we are trying to build, there are certain things which work out, other do not, but the game itself is an incentive for them. I feel it, I see that the boys are passionate and are not indifferent at all when they that some things do not work out. So there is no special need for any extra motivation. The boys themselves want to play the football we train now. 

- Now there is a room to give more minutes to younger players. Should we expect Shekari or Goldobin against Dinamo?

- As I was saying, there is a room for some experiments now. We will see in the course of the game.

- What about Gilyazutdinov in the starting lineup?

- He is quite fit, but there are some tactical issues where he is not convincing enough, but in general he is a very promising player and quite fast.

- What the emphasis during the team preparation now?

- It is the same. It's about playing connections we train.


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