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Kurban Berdyev: "It's not Going to be an Easy Game against Amkar»


FC Rubin head coach Mr. Kurban Berdyev speaks ahead of the upcoming away game against Amkar.

 - Mr. Berdyev, what are the details you are focused on in terms of the opposition side?

 - Our preparation is based on our own attributes and it's a normal matchday preparation. Of course, we are also keeping in mind attributes of the opposition side, the way they play. Amkar is quite a well-organized team, which is good at counterattacks, set pieces. It's going to be quite a hard game to play. 

 - How do they manage to pick up away games points against stronger team despite being one of the League's bottom teams?

- I would like to repeat that they are a well-organized team. They know how to defend and counter attack. It is the fruit of the Gadzhiev's inheritance and motivation and attitude typical for Vadim Evseev. 

- Are there going to be any team rotations in view of the peculiar pitch which exists in Perm?

 - Yes, there are going to be some changes. We have to check how good the pitch will be. I think, there are going to be some changes.  There are some guys who have not yet recovered completely for there may be some consequences. I mean, Kambolov, Zhemaletdinov, Mogilevets.

- Is there any possibility that Podberezkin will play?

- He has worked with the team today. We should check how he reacts to the team training loads.

- Bukharov is training with the team now. Do you mind assessing his chances to return?

- The thing with Bukharov is that we are only helping him to recover from the injury he has suffered for we are having quite a good physiotherapist working with us and players from other teams are calling upon him like Bukharov. We are thinking about his return now. He is just a locally trained player, our alumnus who called upon us and we are rendering our assistance to him.

- Why are not you thinking about his return? He has performed well, hasn't he?

- We still don't know what kind of financial situation we are going to face by the end of the year, so we are not drawing anyone's attention to that, but it is not an easy one.

- Regarding Ivelin Popov's future, isn't it clear either?

- Of course, we would like Ivelin to stay with us, but I would like to repeat that the situation is not easy.

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