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Vyacheslav Podberezkin: "It was my First Goal since Long Ago with some Great Emotions Felt"


FC Rubin midfielder Vyacheslav Podberezkin is #OnLine to answer the fans’ questions.  

  • Vyacheslav, many people are asking what Kurban Berdyev told you in half-time of FC Rubin game against Tosno?
  • He determined the mistakes committed, told what I should improve, the way I should be positioned to beat the Tosno defence. This was his message ahead of the second half.

     -Do you have any nickname in the team?

-In my former teams it was Bereza because of my last name. But not in Rubin it’s mainly Slava (diminutive from Vyacheslav). But it’s ok, if the boys call me by last name nickname.

-You are a blond guy? Why won’t you dye your hair?

-It’s my natural hair colour. I’m fine with it.

-Who is the best partner you played with?

-I guess, it was Diarra. It was my friendly game for Lokomotiv. I was involved in the first team training camp. It was a friendly game and I played in the midfield with him. Besides, I saw him train, he’s really a very good and strong player, the one who marked difference. Although I have been in too many teams, but Diarra stuck in my memory. Regarding players to play against, I guess, it was Hulk, Danni. Hulk is very good in terms of his individual attributes as for Danni is a very intelligent player.

-Did you dream of becoming a football player when you were a kid? Or did you just liked football as game?

-I liked football, I loved it since six years old. I have two elder brothers and we always played outdoors. Now it’s a different generation absorbed in their smartphones, tablets. Our times were different so we were outdoors playing football there. My brothers have always taken me with them. My birthday presents always had something to do with football like t-shirts, balls, shinpads. So football have always been in my heart since childhood.

-Are you brothers football players as well?

-One of my elder brothers also played football, in particular, we played together at FC Kuntsevo, it was a club located next to our place. He played for an older team and I did for a younger team. He once went to FC Khimki on trial while they were in the Premier League at that moment. They were set to sign him, but at that time our parents preferred that he should enter the University and he retired. Frankly speaking, my brother was more talented. He was a striker, he was fast and agile. He was a goal scorer but it was a third youth tier while he played for Kuntsevo. He must be regretting now, but it’s over now.

-You are having such a nice and rare Russian last name. Do you know any other players with some other beautiful and rare family name?

-The Berezutski Brothers, I guess. I don’t know really (smiles).

-Imagine, if you could live a day of any person whoever you want, any person on Earth, whom would you chose?

-I don’t know, really, a day in the life of the president, I guess. It’s always been interesting to me how he lives what he thinks of. Maybe, I would chose some other person as well, maybe some famous singer.

-Are you a Youtube viewer?

-Yes, I am, and I am watching many things there, bloggers like Dnivnik Khacha, Transformator, some stuff about Counter Strike, Dota videos, video games tournament highlights. Yes, I’m a frequent YouTube viewer.

-Do you mind telling us who helped you become a football player, whom you feel grateful to?

-First of all, it’s my parents I am grateful to. They have always been supporting me, had faith in me always. My father took me to the CSKA sport school and drove me every day to Peschanaya Stadium so that I could train there despite his job. I also feel gratitude to each and every coach I have worked with and I learned many things from all of them. There have been quite a lot of football coaches in my career. So I am grateful to all of my football coaches. But first of all, it’s my parents I feel gratitude to.

-From your point of view, should a player celebrate a goal scored against his former team?

-Well, it depends on a person. If one thinks he should celebrate, than he will celebrate. If the team he’s playing against was important for him, contributed a lot in him, raised him, than I guess, one should be calmer after scoring. So if it happens to me to play against a former team, than I think I’m not going to celebrate the goal. But sometimes you are overwhelmed with emotions after a goal. As for me I never celebrate goals too much. But against Tosno I felt really happy because it was my first goal since long ago.

-What is the most attribute for a football player?

-As for me, it’s a football intellect. This is the hardest attribute to develop. Either you have it or not. As for physical attributes, one may be physically stronger or weaker, but it´s possible to improve them training, but as for the football intellect, it´s harder to evolve.

-Which players are the best in terms of football intellect, from your point of view?

-When I was a kid, I liked Guti from Real Madrid, Zidane as well. Xavi and Iniesta, of course They are the greatest players.

-Have you already tasted some traditional Tatar food like echpochmaks, tchak-tchak?

-Yes, I have tasted tchak-tchak but I have not tasted any other food, unfortunately, but I’d love to. You know, we are travelling a lot now, and I’ve got no time to go out to some restaurants. If guys recommend some local restaurant, I would go there with pleasure.

- Which is your worst crutch word?

- I don’t know, I don’t think about it. It’s “that’s why”, I guess.

-Which was the most important thing that happened in your life?

-I guess, it was when my father brought football into my life taking me to my first football school. It was some great impulse and I realized that it’s going to be very something very important for me. You know, playing outdoors with your friends is fun, but it’s not that serious, but if you join a club, it implies a completely different attitude.

-Which attributes you would like to improve, if you could?

-If you mean normal life attributes, than I guess it would be self-confidence. I’ve really lacked it for the last two years.

-Which is your military grade in CS:GO game?

-I’m quite a beginner, really, I’m more a Dota man. When I was at Krasnodar, we all became Dota fans there. Half of the team bought PCs and started playing the Counter Strike. I’m having a Kalash grade now. I’m not an experienced shooter. So if there are some five friends around, than we play it.

-Do you mind telling us about your childhood, your childhood time friends? Where are they now?

-I was very lucky as I have two elder brothers so I passed all of my childhood with them. Regarding childhood time friends, they are the guys from the local neighbourhood. I’m in touch with them. Though I do not go to Moscow too much to see them, but if there is such an opportunity, we spend time together.

-How do you spend your airflights?

-Just like anyone else. Watching some movie or TV-series or reading a book. One of the latest books I’ve read is The Kite Runner by Khosseini. I enjoyed it a lot. Now I’ve bought another book by him called A Thousand Splendid Suns.


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