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Moritz Bauer: Winning was a Question of Time


FC Rubin fullback Moritz Bauer shares his impressions regarding today’s 3:1 win over SKA-Khabarovsk within ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship and the first half of the season.

-The opposition side did not have too many chances, they were not good enough in terms of attack today. I think we deserved today’s victory more than them.

-Were there any congratulations on Azmoun’s goal in the dressing room?

-Yes, sure, all of us congratulated him. Any striker is feeling bad when he is on a goalless streak as well as the team. We also congratulated Maxim Kanunnikov and Magomed Ozdoev.

-Isn’t it a pity that now after breaking through the bad streak there will be break in the League.

-We felt so bad about that bad streak. We knew that winning was not but a question of time. We are happy now. Actually, having a break now makes sense for we are going to have some time and we should use it properly, working hard and training well during the preseason. We will improve our performance by spring and the good result will come.

-How long will be the team’s break?

-I think, the head coach would give you a more exact answer, but what I can say is that we will start the preseason at the beginning of January.

-Are you happy with your own performance during the first half of the season?

-Football is a team discipline and we are not satisfied with our results. Our current rankings in the table do not comply with who we are.

-Kurban Berdyev was saying that team were changing in terms of their mentality, in particular. Do you feel that?

-Yes, it’s true, our mentality is changing now. Actually, our results have been much worse than the way we played. There have been many one ball losses and we’ve had last minute chances but we had never converted them. For example, against those teams who are topping the league such as CSKA, Lokomotiv and Zenit we were not bad at all.

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