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Roman Sharonov on the First Half of the Season


FC Rubin U21 boss Roman Sharonov and Mikhail Yakovlev who scored twice today share their opinions on ROSGOSSTRAKH U21 Russian Championship MD 20 Rubin vs SKA-Khabarovsk (5:0) and dwelled on the outcome of the first half of the season.


Roman Sharonov:

-Mr. Sharonov, why were the first and the second halves so different today? As for the first half, there were almost no goal chances while in the second half there were five goals scored.

-It’s always a 90 minutes game. Normally, it’s always an introduction with both teams seeking to take the initiative. Our intention was to take initiative from the very beginning, but we did not manage to do it due to certain reasons so why the game in the first half was even. At the same time we wanted to keep the rhythm, being aggressive. As for the playing structure, it was quite good but due to some inaccurate passing our movements were not that good to a certain degree and so we did not have too many goal chances as a result of this.

-Regarding the playing rhythm you mentioned, does it mean that in the second half the opposition side were unable to cope with the playing rhythm imposed?

. Well, we are training and going ahead with certain rhythm involved in our sessions trying to simulate real game situations. Our boys know what it is about, it’s one of our main patterns.

-How would you assess the contribution of Makhatadze and Shekari after they came on to the pitch? Did they make the team stronger in the second half?

-They certainly did. There were some passing errors from Max Lukoyanov in the first half for it was not his original position although in the previous game he’d been quite good. You see, it’s football. Today’s subs came on to the pitch and made us stronger. As for Reza Shekari sometimes he would lose his position for he’d just come back to training after injury, so he was not that fit. He was not bad but any way this was not his maximum performance. Regarding Georgi Makhatadze, he came off today and worked to the maximum extent possible. His attitude was good for he understands that playing for the reserves is not just spending some time. He needs minutes to play and today he proved himself.  

-How would you assess Aleksander Tsiberkin’s performance as he is our Academy alumni and has made his debut today?

-Obviously, he was a little bit nervous but anyone would. I know this guy quite well, regarding his performance, I think it was quite good and he did cope with our playing rhythm.

- Could you please assess the first half of the season?

-I’ve been working with the team since autumn and now I got the idea about each player and their characteristics. This information will help us to go ahead and will be provided to our bosses. Also, U17 and U18 players are going to join us soon. There are certain positions to improve, so there will some new players but they will not be engaged unless they have a potential to become the first team players one day. The thing is that we are a reserve but we´re in touch with the first team. Now the boys shall study, their classes are important as well. Now guys are going to have a break until the 9th of January and boys will focus on their classes because we´ve got both schoolboys and university students in the team. Also, the guys will have their individual fitness programs to keep themselves fit during vacations which is important in terms of preseason planning. The boys are coming back on the 9th of January and we will start our first training camp which will be held in Kazan.

Михаил Яковлев:

Mikhail Yakovlev:


  • We worked hard to fulfill the coach’s instructions and implement those things that we’ve been training during this week. Regarding the first half, offensively we were not good enough and there were situations where we should have involved our individual skills instead. Regarding the second half, we improved our performance, in particular, we pressed much better after losing the ball. This pattern was the one which helped us win.

-Your first goal was really stunning.

-The goal was good because the combination play was good itself. It was a team play with all the boys fulfilling their functions perfectly well. It’s really nice to score goals, we’ve been working hard at trainings, we should go ahead now and improve ourselves.

-How would you assess the first half of the season?

There was some losing streak due to the fact that we were a new team trying to find our own personality, mentality and playing style trying to thoroughly fulfill instructions of the coach. There were games where we did it well but there were also some where we would lose our self-control getting confused because of the scores. I think, in general, we are going in a right direction. We understand what the coach wants from us and all those things we’ve been training, our team concepts are starting to work and bear fruits. We should work hard and go ahead.

I would like to thank our coaches, all the staff for the first half of the season. Happy New, all the best, may you be blessed with good health, happiness and all success in your life. Let’s work hard for the sake of Rubin!    


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