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Kurban Berdyev: "We´ll Keep On Introducing Some New Patterns to our Play"


FC Rubin head coach, Kurban Berdyev reveals his team news ahead of the final match against SKA-Khabarovsk and shares his expectation from the upcoming game.

- In view of the fact that the upcoming fixture against SKA-Khabarovsk is the last game in the first half of the season, do you give a special importance to it? Or is it a normal game for you?

- It´s a normal match for us, so our preparation is the same.

- Are you making any adjustments in view of the recent results?

- Sure, there is an individual training plan ahead of an opposition side to face.

How do the injured players feel? Are all of them fit to play against SKA?
 - I think, all the players are fit except for the suspended players and Oleg Kuzmin.

-SKA are used to play in winter conditions. Is it going to be an advantage for them?  

-No, I think, the conditions will be the same for both teams.

-May we expect that during the winter break Rubin will go on with rearrangements and changes?

— In terms of our playing quality, yes, we will. As you may see, in the last matches we´ve started introducing some new patterns to our play. I think, there have been some glimpses of quality shown there.

What about any new players?

-It will depend on the financial situation. You know it perfectly well. There are many uncertain situations.

-Would you please comment on those debts which exist with players? Does this situation affect the performance?

-When I arrived at the club, it was agreed that I should not be involved in financial issues. There are certain delays in payments as well as in many other clubs. Regarding the terms and the ways to solve it, I can´t tell you, because I´m not aware of it.

Regarding the impact on the performance, I think, it does not have any. The boys have been training quite well. There may be some psychological impact, but I would not say, that it´s an important one.

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