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Kurban Berdyev: Things Got Complicated after the Red Card


FC Rubin head coach Kurban Berdyev shares his impressions from ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Champioship MD 19 Lokomotiv vs Rubin (0:1)

-In general, we played quite well. The things got more complicated after the red card and some lapse of concentration did not let us end the match in a draw.

-Solomon Kvirkvelia is your former player. Don´t you regret his transfer to Lokomotiv? How fit was Cesar Navas when he came back?  

-I don’t regret that transfer. It was a conscious decision. I know this player and his features. Regarding Navas, he is fit. In the previous game he was not so he did not play. Today he played quite well except for that situation with the red card.

-Now the team is close to the relegation knockout playoffs. How does it affect the group’s morale and state of mind?

-We are not concerned about it. We are more concerned about lapse of concentration at the end of the games.

-Do you consider Ruslan Kambolov as a centre back or a defensive central midfilder? Which position suits him more?

-He’s equally good in both positions, so he’s able to play both of them if necessary.

-No goals have been scored in the last matches. What is the reason?

- I have already said, it’s bad luck to some extent and question of quality as well. We have been working a lot on it. You may see that in each game we’re having at least two goal chances. Now it’s a question of chance conversion.

-Are two chances per game enough for your team?

- I mean, clear goal chances, yes, that’s enough. Regarding approaches to goal there are lots of them with many crosses. Regarding your question, I mean clear goal chances. Take other teams who are having even fewer opportunities but they convert them.  

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