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Fedor Kudryashov: Working Hard to Improve our Performance


FC Rubin and Russian international defender Fedor Kudryashov on ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship MD 19 away game against Lokomotiv and the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup final draw.

-Now, ahead of the game against Lokomotiv: have there been any changes in trainings?

-Yes, sure, there have been some changes. We are trying to improve our performance. Hopefully, our performance this weekend will be much better than that in previous matches.

-It’s going to snow heavily in Moscow on matchday. It’s obviously going to affect the pitch. Should RFPL matches be played in December? Is it reasonable?

- Well, this question should be asked to RFPL bosses, on the one side and those who support the idea of changing the season calendar to be played from spring to autumn continuously, on the other side.

-How does a player feel playing in such cold weather?

- It's hard for a player as well for fans or journalists standing and watching the game in such cold weather.

- Are the injury risks increasing due to the temperatures well below zero?

- Yes, they are obviously increasing, but it’s our job and we should work hard.

-It’s a World Cup final draw tomorrow. What are your expectations?

-Frankly speaking, I’m not even thinking about the WC draw now. Any world cup team will be a tough opponent to face. No preferences. What we want is to deliver a good and successful performance.

- Are there any chances to achieve an acceptable result?

- Yes, I think so. We are having our strengths and our coaching staff knows how to implement them well in order to achieve a good result, we can do it. 

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