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Kurban Berdyev: Loko are Topping the Table and They Deserve it


FC Rubin head coach Kurban Berdyev is briefing the press with his thoughts on his team preparation ahead of ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship MD 19 away fixture against Lokomotiv.

- Mr. Berdyev, have there been any changes in trainings ahead of the match against Lokomotiv due to the team´s recent results or weather change?

-No, there have not been any changes in this regard.

-What do you think of this weekend´s opponent? Have they changed in comparison with the Lokomotiv of the first half of the season?

-I think, they have. Now they are more confident in terms of attacking play. They are having enough skilled and talented attacking players to beat an opposition´s defense, each player knows where the partner will move to, perceiving playing situations in the same way. It´s really hard to defend against such a team. Regarding their squad, it is one of the best RFPL squads both in terms of their technical skills and their quality.

-It´s going to rain in Moscow on matchday according to the weather forecast. Obviously, it is going to affect the pitch. Are you getting ready for it? Should RFPL matches be played in December?

-Regarding the weather conditions, they are the same for both teams. Of course, I´m not in favour of playing in such weather. -5 degrees celsius is still a tolerable temperature to play, but 10 or 15 degrees below zero or lower is not a football playing temperature at all. I think, the organizers of the competitions should think it over and determine which will be the best way in terms of calendar planning.

-Despite the fact that Lokomotiv are topping the standings now, they are still underrated. Is it going to affect your team´s motivation?

-Lokomotiv should not be underrated. They have deserved to be topping the table for they've been delivering good and confident performance. In addition, they are one of those teams who are fighting till the end.

-Recalling the first half of the season match with the last minute equalizer from Lokomotiv. Are you working on concentration issues?  

- You may see how many points Lokomotiv have earned with their late goals. It speaks for itself and means that they having a strong character. All those things I have mentioned before and their character are the things which put them top of the table and they deserve it. They are topping the table and must not be underrated.   

-Recalling the match played in the first half of the season, it was actually the goal conceded at the end of the game. Are you giving importance to last minutes concentration issue improvement, in particular?   

-Certainly, we are working on it, but anyway such situations keep on occurring so far. Even recalling those matches where we did not concede, they still occurred. We are going ahead and now the boys are improving in terms of keeping concentrated in such situations. Lokomotiv are the side who fight till the end and in each game no matter which team they are facing.

-Ahead of the World Cup final draw, which will be a better outcome for Russia: playing against top teams or against teams which are more or less of the same level as us?

- Any draw outcome will be good. Like everyone, we are going to support and stick with our National team and want them to qualify from the group stage.

-How good are the chances?

-I think, we can be optimistic based on the recent matches. Now the players are more confident, which is very important when you are playing against big teams, in particular. There will be some more friendly games ahead of the world cup to reinforce and improve the confidence and start the tournament in a positive state of mind. We’re all hoping for it.

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