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Kurban Berdyev: It´s been a Game in which Whoever Scores a Goal First Wins


FC Rubin head coach Kurban Berdyev's postmatch press conference on ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship MD 18 Rubin vs CSKA (0:1)  

- It’s been a game in which whoever scores a goal first, wins. For the score opener it would be an advantage which would allow him to concentrate on defense. CSKA are quite good at defending. Unfortunately, it was CSKA who scored first and we could not create any real danger.

- Vladimir Granat’s foul resulted in a penalty awarded and it was his mistake which resulted in a goal. Why is it happening?

- The CSKA striker was quite smart in that situation for we had lost the rebound and Granat was trying to fix it. There were two options for him: either he should let the opponent shoot or impede him.

- Two different halves were played today. The first half was quite good despite the goal conceded and in the second half the team did not create a lot... Why is it like that?

- The thing is that CSKA retracted in the second half ensuring a balanced and compact defense. They know how to do it. So they still had some free space in the first half, but in the second half not anymore.

- What is the way to get the team out of this bad streak? Is it possible to do it before the winter break?

-I hope so. There are still two games left until the break and we are quite optimistic about the upcoming games

-  There are four players of Rubin on the doping list of those players who allegedly have used doping. What do you think about doping in football?

I´m not aware of this situation. I’m quite negative about doping no matter what kind of sport it is.

 - How would you assess Akhmetov’s performance?

  - He was quite good. He was good at choosing the position, ball possession. He got tired by the end of the game, but anyway I’m satisfied with his performance


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