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Roman Sharonov: The Second Half Was Better


Rubin U21 coach Roman Sharonov shares his comments on todays’ match between Rubin U21 and Zenit U21 (2:3).

- Due to the fact that we had had only few defenders available ahead of the match, we had to play with a back three formation. Unfortunately, it turned out that we were not able to make this formation work today. As for the first half, we were not able to meet those requirements that this formation implied: our players did not keep their positions, so our first half performance was not consistent. Then we switched to 4-3-3 formation and tried to take the initiative but again we could not perform the way I wanted. In particular, we are trying to make a transitioning from defense to offense starting from behind but we are conceding many counterattacks instead. Anyway we tried to play offensively, there were some good situations in the first half, but they did not last long unfortunately. So the second half was better and more consistent.

- Did the substitutions enhance the play?

- Substitutions were the way to try to enhance the play. Well, I could say that Igor Nikolov and Maxim Lukoyanov came off the bench quite well. I’d like to assess the team performance, not the individual one. What we should do is to improve the quality of our play, especially in terms of defense, and improve our will power. Quite often, we are not able to have our emotions under control as we are starting to play a non-structured football based mostly on emotions rather than on reason. This is what we should work on and improve.

- Regarding the formation choice, what does it depend on? Does it depend on an opponent?

- As I’ve said before, today’s formation was a forced one due to the lack of defenders available today. We thought that it would help but in our today’s scenario it did not. So this is another input data we should analyze: so far we are able to play within our normal formation, but within a new one not. Although, it’s not about a formation, it’s about our playing concepts and principles, so we should improve our perception with regard to all these aspects.

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